peter dupres reed    cfma  -         art for awakening


my art springs forth

from the power of aloneness,

as a hunger to express beauty,

as a way to explore what is alive

for me in the moment,

and a way to say hello at the place

before words have a chance to form,

from where truth of image exposes

our already always connectedness of being.

at times a conscious effort on my part

at times just a getting out of the way

to allow raw spontaneous form to emerge,

hungry for you and me to see.

I draw and paint in that hunger,

the source of any act of creation.

I live in that awakened hunger,

the source of any act of love.

smost of my art, beginning with the journey i made to  india in my mid twenties,  has been a reflection and expression of whatever spiritual/transformational modality i found myself to be practicing at the time. Since all art is consciousness, it is all alive... my art is an invitation for you to be a part of that very same transformational experience and expression, i.e. the creation that was born and came to life in that the particular form and image is alive and  available to you........

ocean series -   2001 sonoma coast, californea

first drawing of muse

berkely, california, 2000

first large scale sri yantra

miami florida, 1995

aloneness ...... oneness

allowance  of  oneness

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