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my portrait work germinated in my attraction to the beauty

of a woman’s face and blossomed in my desire to express the love for that beauty i saw in certain asian women. this love was my muse,  first alice, then  myeongsuk, then expanding out to include nature (see ink work and ocean series) then imploding within in to include myself.  this was an embodied awakening that came from  a deep surrendering (and giving up of all spiritual seeking i had been doing for 25 years prior) that allowed me to open up to and be truly vulnerable to the awesome beauty and power of nature, women, and myself, with the emphasis on the self.  It  was  and continues to be an embracing of the self, in total allowance of what is..... an embodying and allowing of  what is seen as “out  there” for the world is only a creation or reflection of who we are.   

it was the beginning of a never ending  surrendering and vulnerability to the self which can only be accessed through total presence, being here now, living in the present moment, however you want to word it.

consciousness, the spark of life in the eyes,

is the magic that brings aliveness to a portrait, a face

portrait galleryhttp://gallery.me.com/dupres#100160

any desire “to have “ is born out of a want to become that.......for we can only “have” if we “are”

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inventory clearance sale on giclee prints  of “anna”, “melina”, “tricia”, & “annais”. on heavy weight hanumale water color paper. some are mounted on foam core. 16” x 20”, 8” x 10”

email me for price list.

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