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. the sri yantra is considered to be the mother of all yantras and is one of the main  archetypes in tantric hinduism. a yantra is basically a geometric representation of energies, circular in nature, and with basic symmetry to the center of the circle. a mandala on the other hand is the same except that it incorporates graphic images instead of purely geometrical shapes.

one of the major symbolisms inherent in the sri yantra’s design shows the integration/oneness of spirit and matter, shiva and shakti, male and female, by the 5 upward (male) pointing triangles interpenetrating the 4 downward (female) triangles.  The female form infused into the yantra displays the body as non- separate from the creative energy of the universe, the spark of light/life that creates bodies as well as star systems. This same energy/light/god is inherent in every moment of being.  This piece can be used for meditation and seeing/feeling into this light which is none other than your own divine soul nature.

An interesting synchronicity of the sacred geometry  inherent in the sri yantra is that both large triangles have the same angle ratios as the great Giza pyramid. i.e. their isoceles angles are both 51 degress , 51 minutes.  see http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~mikel/sriyantra/sriyantra.html 

sri yantra queen  52x52 acrylic on canvas


cool web site on the sacred art and geometry of the
     sri yantra http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~mikel/sriyantra/sriyantra.html

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   a sri yantra queen!

my first construction drawing of the sri yantra  1981

pencil on paper

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first large scale sri yantra 

miami, florida 1996                

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sri yantra queen II - 36x36

acrylic on foam core with wood backing & wood frame

sale price $2999 !

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sri yantra queen III